Episode 13: “We Appreciate Power”

Calavera stood at the window staring down at the Valley of Bones in wonder. It hadn’t taken him long to fill it with the bones of his enemies. The piles went on for miles, stretching from his castle to the southern tip of the island they resided on. 

When he awoke yesterday, he barely had the energy to raise more than a couple bodies, but after drinking the potion Rib procured for him, he felt the most powerful he’d ever been. Even the dull ache of his chest scar was less achy. He knew Rib would insist on waiting another day before trying out his newfound energy, but he couldn’t resist. 

With a wave of his left hand, he sent the command for his skeletal army to rise. The bones in the valley immediately assembled themselves the best they could, ready to be of service. This filled his heart with glee. I’m back, baby! He gazed lovingly at his bone army and felt his heart grow three sizes. He never thought he’d see something this beautiful again.

Should I make a speech? I feel like I should make a speech.

His army stared up at him expectantly with their empty sockets. When their king raised his hands into the air, they all bowed in reverence. They would have knelt, but it had been a long time since they had knees, so they were rather stiff. They clattered their teeth, their way of saying, “Speech! Speech! Speech!” Knowing his subjects demanded to be addressed, the king chose not to let them down.

“My friends, comrades, victims, I welcome you back to the world!” Calavera soaked in their bony clattering as the applause they intended. “Our plan for world domination was cut short last time. Eight years have passed since we roamed the planet, and in that time, our resolve has only strengthened. We have learned from our mistake and are now ready to reclaim what is rightfully ours! We will rise up from the ashes of our failure and take our rightful place in the sky! Our enemies, the Graveyard Fighters, have grown soft and complacent in our absence. This will be their downfall! We bring them to justice and crash down upon them with great vengeance! That is what I command of you now! Go out and spread chaos and fear! Kill everyone and everything in your path! Let the world know that the Skeleton King is back!”

The army showed their enthusiasm by rattling their bones and banging their rib cages with the bones that didn’t reanimate. They saluted their king and commander before marching out of the valley to fulfill his wish.

Calavera watched his army go like a proud parent dropping their child off at Kindergarten. The realization that this was really happening moved him to tears. The Second Bone Revolution was  beginning and there was nothing that was going to stop him again.

As his army emptied the valley, the king felt more power bubbling inside him. How much more could he do? How much farther could his power reach? He was gon’ learn today. 

He closed his eyes and sent his energy to the mainland beyond his island. He commanded the dead to rise up and serve him. He felt the corpses twitch with purpose in their underground resting places, but that was the extent of what they could do for the time being. This did not bother him because as his powers grew, so would the dead he touched. He gave them instructions to create death and destruction once they were ready.  That’s not a bad start, he thought. He supposed it would be best to conserve the power he had accumulated so far. He didn’t know the extent of the potion’s ability to recharge him, so it was best to play it safe. He smirked as he turned to face his throne, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before he had enough power to awaken his final weapon. All he had was time; the Seven Lands couldn’t say the same.

Author: Cameron D. Blackwell

Writer Ordinare!

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